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More Bad News for Aviation

by John M. White |

A new report by The Teal Group suggests that some seventy percent (70%) of the commercial aircraft backlog shown on the books for Boeing and Airbus may never actually reach production and the skies.  In the past during moderate economic slowdowns these back orders have kept the companies afloat, but that may be coming to an end soon. Click on image to enlarge Earlier there was a report that even China had made a bailout of its commercial aviation manufacturers, and when combined with the economic slowdown worldwide it seem that aviation is heading for a real tough time in the next few years.  We have all followed the bankruptcies in the airline business wondering where it will all end, and it seems there is no end in sight. Boy have things changed since I first go involved in aviation back in the early 60s!  The aviation industry was a leader in new technologies, new aircraft and engines were being introduced, and I recall auto workers buying Cessna Skyhawks and Piper Warriors like second cars in the late 1970s early 1980s!  Colleges and universities got into the pilot training business, and the aviation world was good. Now the car makers shake in the boots under criticism by Congress and dump long time flight departments with no good reason just to please the people who can pour money into the bailout trough!  Now the TSA wants to regulate aircraft over 12,500 pounds, and I am sure this is where some of these new 600,000 government jobs President-elect Obama wants to create. Man, can things get any worse? Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

An Airman Grace

Lord of thunderhead and sky Who place in man the will to fly Who taught his hand speed, skill and grace To soar beyond man's dwelling place You shared with him the Eagle's view The right to soar, as Eagles do The right to call the clouds his home And grateful, through your heavens roam May all assembled here tonight And all who love the thrill of flight Recall with twofold gratitude Your gift of Wings, Your gift of Food.

— Father John MacGillivary, Royal Canadian Air Force

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