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More On The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends

by John M. White |

On September 27th through the 30th, 2007 there was a Gathering of Mustangs & Legends at Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus, Ohio.  There were more P-51 Mustangs at this gathering than had been seen since the Second World War.

As for the Legends - well, those would be the pilots like Yeager and Hoover and more.  Why are they Legends? 

During World War II there were a total of 1,279 Aces, those pilots who had confirmed "kills" of five enemy aircraft or more.  Of the 1,279 274 were P-51 jockeys, and of those there are around 80 who are still alive.  While the P-51 is becoming more and more rare, the Legends who flew them are becoming even rarer!

If you are like me and love the P-51 Mustang, then I encourage you to visit the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends website are  This gathering brought over 150,000 spectators to share in a once in a lifetime event, and no one left unsatisfied.

Soon there will be a DVD released on this gathering, and to get a preview of this DVD you can take a look here at Gathering of Mustangs & Legends Trailer.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


For once you have tasted flight
you will walk the earth
with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been
and there you will long to return. -- Leonardo da Vinci

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