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Never Too Old To Learn To Fly

by John M. White |

I ran across an interesting article in a Montana newspaper wherein a 72 year young lady just got her Private Pilot's license. Valeria Valiquette, 72, flew off into the sunset last week with her new private pilot license. Valeria and her husband Ron live in Polson, Montana with their home overlooking the Mission Mountains and - of course - an airstrip! Her husband owned his own business and used a Cessna 182RG to service his clients; however, after selling his business in 1979 the couple went down to the sea for many years. Cessna 182 Skylane The urge to fly returned, and they purchased a Cessna 182 with Ron getting current and Valeria taking flying back up again after having quit her lessons back in 1975. Her examiner exclaimed "In 20 years of flying, I have never met someone with this ambition starting an adventure in aviation as she has done," she said. "She's an amazing woman to become a licensed pilot at age (almost) 73." You can read the entire article at "Woman earns pilot’s license at age 72". So if you think its too late - think again! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

I was a passenger on the journey...just a passenger. Everything that was done to bring us across was done by Wilmer Stultz and Slim Gordon. Any praise I can give them they ought to have...I do not believe that women lack the stamina to do a solo trip across the Atlantic, but it would be a matter of learning the arts of flying by instruments only, an art which few men pilots know perfectly now...

— Amelia Earhart, first flight of a woman across the Atlantic.


ps: I highly recommend the new movie "Amelia".

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