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Never Too Young To Learn To Fly

by John M. White |

Here in the United States with think that we have a monopoly on pleasure and sport flying, but that's not quite true. Years ago while I was in the Air Force I rented a Cessna Skyhawk in England and tooled around the skies of Great Britain on many an occasion. Recently a young boy in the UK soloed just 14 hours after his 16th birthday, making him most likely the youngest pilot to solo in England. Jonathon Pearson started his journey shortly after becoming 15, and with about 25 hours of flying time has realized his dream of flying an aircraft all by himself. Learn To Fly The short 15 minute flight was followed by a lot of questions and he admitted to being a little nervous before takeoff, but he did just fine once he got going. Who among us don't remember our first solo flight? Which brings up an interesting story. I taught my wife how to fly; that's how I met her. I remember that as she approached the skill level necessary to solo she turned to me and - in no uncertain terms - announced that SHE would tell me when she was ready to solo, and that I was NOT to surprise her by jumping out of the aircraft and sending her on the way. It all worked out just fine and, just in case your curious, our marriage is just fine some 20 odd years later. If you are dreaming about flying just get up and do it - don't wait - your never too young! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 I showed it is possible to fly a little bit like a bird. — Yves Rossy, first person to cross the English Channel strapped to a jet-powered wing. The 22 mile journey took 13 minutes. 26 September 2008

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