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Pelosi's New Jet

by John M. White |

Ah, Speaker Pelosi was not satisfied with the USAF C-20B Gulfstream III that comes along with the Speaker's job - no, it just wouldn't do for someone as important as Speaker Pelosi. After all, it was small, and had to stop for fuel sometimes.


That just wouldn't do - nope - not acceptable. It is just so important to get back and forth between her office in Washington and her home in California. Has to meet with all those constituents out there. Into Washington on Monday, back to California on Friday. No big deal, right? She needs to be there to make sure we get universal health care, something the majority of folks in the country don't want.
Now, many of you probably don't realize this, but Newt Gingrich, that terrible Republican Speaker of the House, well he flew on commercial airlines most of the time. I suppose because of all of the financial problems we have in this country it is very important to get Ms. Pelosi back and forth quickly, in comfort, so she can do her work. Speaker Pelosi's Airplane So she decided a new airplane was in order. To make sure it would serve her needs she kinda went a little overboard. Yep, the new Speaker's airplane is a USAF C-32. In ordinary parlance that is a Boeing 757, a 200 seat behemoth that burns thousands of gallons of gas going to and from California. Those in the know say it costs about $ 60,000 per trip, or $ 480,000 per month, to provide this aircraft for the Speaker. Let's see - that's $ 5,760,000 per year! Anyone think those shlucks on Wall Street are making to much with their bonuses? Ah well, just task the banks and there will be plenty of dough to keep this thing running. And just think, we are improving the job situation because a couple of crews to fly this bird have new jobs, and perhaps the refiner had to add someone to make the jet fuel, and - oh yes - there is probably some catering, cleaning and a few other miscellaneous positions to operate this aircraft right. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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