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Political Correctness Crosses The Pond

by John M. White |

Well, it had to happen. Britain's Foreign Minister David Miliband has been criticized for signing a two year contract for the use of private jet aircraft for those missions which pop up quickly or the ministerial aircraft are unavailable. Click on images A spokesman for the Foreign Office said "We always try to use commercial airlines but sometimes that is not practical. Until now we have been able to use the RAF in those circumstances. Changes in the RAF mean we need the ability to charter aircraft sometimes at short notice -- value for money is a top priority." Of course this did not pass without notice from some in Great Britain. For example, Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, told the News of the World: "David Miliband would do a better job if he remembered he is there to serve the people, not live a life of luxury at our expense." Some people just don't get it. I remember when Bill Lear introduced the Learjet 23 back in the 60's. His unique selling proposition was as follows:  2 Executives Plus 1 Learjet 23 Equals 4 Executives.  In other words, the use of corporate jet aircraft was a means to multiply the amount of productive work a company could get from one executive or employee. On another note, sometime back I wrote about Madam Pelosi's use of government GV aircraft, and received a number of comments, including one which claimed she was not entitled to use government aircraft.  A Freedom of Information request to the US Air Force confirmed that she does, indeed, have access to these aircraft, and has caused the crews and schedulers some headaches in the process. Let's hope common sense returns soon - after all, we are NOT in the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, but we certainly are approaching the Jimmy Carter era. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

High Flight, with FAA Supplement

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth(1), And danced(2) the skies on laughter silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed(3) and joined the tumbling mirth(4) Of sun-split clouds(5) and done a hundred things(6) You have not dreamed of — Wheeled and soared and swung(7) High in the sunlit silence(8). Hov'ring there(9) I've chased the shouting wind(10) along and flung(11) My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long delirious(12), burning blue I've topped the wind-swept heights(13) with easy grace, Where never lark, or even eagle(14) flew; And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space(15), Put out my hand(16), and touched the face of God.


1. Pilots must insure that all surly bonds have been slipped entirely before aircraft taxi or flight is attempted. 2. During periods of severe sky dancing, crew and passengers must keep seatbelts fastened. Crew should wear shoulderbelts as provided. 3. Sunward climbs must not exceed the maximum permitted aircraft ceiling. 4. Passenger aircraft are prohibited from joining the tumbling mirth. 5. Pilots flying through sun-split clouds under VFR conditions must comply with all applicable minimum clearances. 6. Do not perform these hundred things in front of Federal Aviation Administration inspectors. 7. Wheeling, soaring, and swinging will not be attempted except in aircraft rated for such activities and within utility class weight limits. 8. Be advised that sunlit silence will occur only when a major engine malfunction has occurred. 9. "Hov'ring there" will constitute a highly reliable signal that a flight emergency is imminent. 10. Forecasts of shouting winds are available from the local FSS. Encounters with unexpected shouting winds should be reported by pilots. 11. Pilots flinging eager craft through footless halls of air are reminded that they alone are responsible for maintaining separation from other eager craft. 12. Should any crewmember or passenger experience delirium while in the burning blue, submit an irregularity report upon flight termination. 13. Windswept heights will be topped by a minimum of 1,000 feet to maintain VFR minimum separations. 14. Aircraft engine ingestion of, or impact with, larks or eagles should be reported to the FAA and the appropriate aircraft maintenance facility. 15. Aircraft operating in the high untresspassed sanctity of space must remain in IFR flight regardless of meteorological conditions and visibility. 16. Pilots and passengers are reminded that opening doors or windows in order to touch the face of God may result in loss of cabin pressure.

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