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Private Pilot Safety Campaign

by John M. White |

The British insurer QBE and Hayward Aviation Brokers have launched a new initiative to increase safety and reduce accident rates for private pilots in the United Kingdom. Together the firms have created a number of materials to give private pilots a checklist to use before they takeoff. First will be a private pilot's companion which is a guide to be used to encourage pilots to increase their experience and provides guidance on how to develop the fling skills outlined in the companion called "Clearer Horizons." The goal is that every private pilot in the UK will benefit from this course. Private Pilot Safety Manual In addition an "air safety quick reference card" has been produced detailing a list of actions each pilot should take at the start of each flight. They plan on distributing this card through private flying magazines in the United Kingdom. Both QBE and Hayward see a need for greater support for private pilots similar to the kind of support commercial pilots receive through recurrent training programs. Sounds like a great idea, and we could sure use something similar here in the United States. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

The majority of aircraft accidents are due to some type of error of the pilot. This fact has been true in the past and, unfortunately, most probably will be true in the future.

— Hugh Harrison Hurt, Jr., in the preface of his book 'Aerodynamics For Naval Aviators,' NAVWEPS 00-80T-80, August 1959.

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