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Female Pilot Joins Red Arrows Aerobatic Team

by John M. White |

In a historic move the Red Arrows aerobatic team announced today the 2010 team will include the first ever female pilot. Kristy Moore (Designation: Red 3) is the daughter of a Gulf War hero. Her father was a navigator on an RAF Tornado which was shot down over Iraq in 1991. He was captured after suffering a crushed vertebrae along with a broken shoulder and broken leg. During his several weeks in captivity he provided no information to his interigators. After putting in over 1,500 hours of flying time and competing with 40 other very experienced pilot she managed to grab her spot on the aerobatic display team. Kristi hopes that any notoriety she gets from this achievement will encourage other women to chase their own dreams. Ms. Moore has a degree in aeronautical engineering and has finished two tours in Iraq with a Tornado squadron. Her husband is a flying instructor in the RAF, and they do not get a lot of time together. Red Arrows squadron leader Murphy said "She is very calm under pressure. Red Arrow pilots also have to be able to do the job on the ground as well as the flying job and she has a very calm and level-headed approach." So you women out there pay attention! The glass ceiling has been smashed once again! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Flying is the best possible thing for women. — Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France, first licensed woman pilot, regards receiving her license, 8 March 1910.

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