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RNAV Revealed

by John White |

RNAV RevealedAs pilots we need to constantly update our understanding of navigation, and RNAV is a very useful tool for navigation. The FAA FAASTeam in Colorado has scheduled a really good webinar titled "RNAV Revealed".

RNAV Revealed

On Thursday, December 10th 2015 the FAASTeam from Colorado will put on a webinar which will serve as a refresher on RNAV basics, along with some tips and tricks and some new insights into it's use. The speakers are James (Slim) Morgan, Emmy Jacobson and Nathan Kurth.


For more than a dozen years pilots have been using RNAV (Area Navigation) to fly direct to their destination, navigate with more precision and operate the aircraft more comfortably. RNAV has helped save fuel, time and safety. But, as with all things, the technology evolves, and you need to be aware of those changes. If you fly using rnav then this webinar can help you improve your skills and make better use of your equipment, And, besides, webinars are a lot of fun to participate in, aren't they? Are you keeping up with the changes in technology involving Area Navigation?

RNAV Revealed Benefits

The presenters promise that you will get a refresher on area navigation basics, reveal a few tips and tricks to help you get more from RNAV for your next flight, and every flight after that. Sometimes we get a little lazy, don't review our manual very often, and get used to using just a little of the technology available. This webinar will not only give you a refresher, but help you make your flights more relaxing and comfortable as you get firmly ground in the basics of area navigation, the equipment and the abilities. This webinar is the latest addition to the FAASTeams Chart Clinic Confidential series. To register simply Click Here! If you found this article interesting sign up for The All Things Aviation Weekly newsletter below:
Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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