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Row 44

by John M. White |

Any of us the ride the airlines know that everyone drags along their laptop, pda, Blackberry and other electronic devices we all seem to be unable to live without. Then the stew stands up and advises us we can't use them until we get to somewhere near cruising altitude. You whip out your laptop and look for some WiFi to login and check those ever important emails and facebook notifications. But - Oh No! - no WiFi on this flight! Boeing of the "I'm Not Goin If Its Not Boeing" tried to introduce WiFi on airliners spending over $1 billion, charging $ 30 to logon, and placing over 1,000 pounds of equipment on the aircraft. WiFi On Airliners This project, called Connexion, failed miserably. As usual, it takes a little guy with a love of computers and aviation to come up with a solution. A tiny company named "Row 44" didn't have to launch satellites, spend millions on research and have come up with a workable way to provide WiFi on airliners. Connexion cost over $1 million to equip the aircraft, Row 44 costs around $ 200,000. Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines have signed up and now offer the service for a small fee. The only thing remaining is to figure out if it can be a profitable venture. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 A commercial aircraft is a vehicle capable of supporting itself aerodynamically and economically at the same time. — William B. Stout, designer of the Ford Tri-Motor.

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