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Safety Through The Integration of Technology & Ergonomics

by John M. White |

Cirrus Design, with headquarters in Minnesota, manufactures the SR20 and SR22 aircraft which are positioned to be the leader in creating high-quality, ingeniously designed aircraft for general aviation pilots.



In that tradition Cirrus has announced the “Perspective Avionics Package”, a $ 48,000 option for the SR22 series of aircraft. This package continues their commitment to improve aviation safety through the intelligent integration of technology and ergonomics.




To this end the SR22 Garmin 1000 Perspective package includes features never before seen in a certified piston-powered single engine aircraft. The first change you will see are the 35% larger 12” displays which replace the previous 10” displays.




Two new features have been added including a “blue” button labeled LVL. Pressing this button will level the wings and nose on the current heading and at the current altitude. You can think of this button as a “give me a moment to think about this” button.




The second item is a go-around button located on the underside of the throttle. If things don’t look right on approach the pilot can simply press the button which immediately disengages the autopilot, prompts the pilot to pull up and automatically cycles the gps into the missed approach segment. Hit the autopilot button and it will reengage.




These features compliment the virtual glide slope, highway in the sky navigation, terrain awareness (with color coding) and synthetic vision which is so life-like that the only thing missing are the rubber marks left on the runway by prior landings.


You can learn more about this new technology in Glass Cockpit Flying.



The first delivery to a customer will take place on June 3rd, starting yet another new revolution in general aviation safety.


Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here!

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