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Saturday Thoughts

by John M. White |

After a long week I decided to spend some time getting ready for Christmas.  I also have an eBay store called "Aviation Sources" and I had to package a lot of product to be shipped.  Whew .... and then my wife wanted some help with decorating the Christmas tree. Click on image to enlarge We got the tree last week with the grand kids and we always go to the Peacock Road Tree Farm and cut down our own tree.  We had a great time, the snow was falling and everyone was in good spirits.  Fresh trees always smell so great. So today I slept in a little, got busy and have a few minutes to jot down my post for today.  I hope all of you are having a great weekend getting ready for the holiday too! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Someday we will know, where the pilots go When their work on earth is through. Where the air is clean, and the engines gleam, And the skies are always blue. They have flown alone, with the engine's moan, As they sweat the great beyond, And they take delight, at the awesome sight of the world spread far and yon.

Yet not alone, for above the moan, when the earth is out of sight, As they make their stand, He takes their hand, and guides them through the night. How near to God are these men of sod, Who step near death's last door? Oh, these men are real, not made of steel, But He knows who goes before,

And how they live, and love and are beloved, But their love is most for air. And with death about, they will still fly out, And leave their troubles there. He knows these things, of men with wings, And He knows they are surely true. And He will give a hand, to such a man 'Cause He's a pilot too.

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