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Sully Leads The EAAs Young Eagles

by John M. White |

What a fitting choice to head up the EAA's Young Eagles program than non other than Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullengberger and his First Officer Jeffrey Skiles. Changing Of The Guard For any of us who listened to that calm, clear voice as Captain Sullenberger guided his wounded aircraft to a perfect landing in the Hudson river we knew this was a real pilot. In his confident handling of an emergency that would test anyone he demonstrated the kind of attitude pilots need to survive a long flying career. Harrison Ford turned over the reigns of leading this fine group of young pilots to a couple of guys kids can easily relate to. In this day and age where we wonder who are kids heros are, here are two worthy of the respect of young and old alike. The Young Eagles program was started in 1992 by Tom Poberezny to encourage young people to take up aviation is a career or a hobby, and to learn about the many opportunities aviation presents to young people today. This great work will find two great advocates in the leadership of Sullenberger and Skiles, and hopefully the program will continue to grow and prosper under their guidance. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

"Are you ever afraid when you fly?" "That's a good question. Yeah. I'm always a little afraid when I fly. That's what makes me so damn good. I've seen pilots who weren't afraid of anything, who would forget about checking their instruments, who flew by instinct as though they were immortal. I've pissed on the graves of those poor bastards too. The pilot who isn't a little bit afraid always screws up and when you screw up bad in a jet, you get a corporal playing taps at the expense of the government." — Lieutenant Colonel Bull Meecham, USMC, in Pat Conroy's book, 'The Great Santini

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