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Shades Of The Revolution: The French Come To The Rescue Once Again!

by John M. White |

With corporate aviation under attack from all quarters, the French - through Dassault Falcon - have entered the fray to defend corporate jets  Just this morning I was half paying attention to the news when some country-western singer dressed in a Crown Royal blue vest opined that fat cats in bizjets should be more responsible with their companies money. Well, it is interesting how so many companies are selling (or hiding) their corporate jets to avoid public outrage. Sales of business jets slump, people get laid off and businesses are losing a great marketing tool which has helped them get where they are.falcon50 In this new campaign by Dassault it urges owners of their Falcon Jets to not be ashamed and hide their flight departments under a basket. Instead, they have published a 40-page portable brochure that outlines 14 reasons why companies agree that business jets give them a competitive advantage. Touting their "Common Sense" ad campaign Dassault first wants to reassure their Falcon owners that they should not be embarresed about owning a great business tool, and that they should feel comfortable with their decision to purchase one. Hooray for the French!  Keep it up - we Yankee bizjet owners need all the support we can get. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see . . .


— Charles A. Lindbergh, 'The Spirit of St. Louis

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