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Stratos 714 Single Engine VLJ Development Continues

by John M. White |

In an era when the very light jet manufacturers like Eclipse and Adam Aircraft are falling by the wayside, other companies like Cirrus and Stratos think they have a better idea.  The Stratos 714 is a single engine single pilot 400 knot speed machine which can go 1,500 milrs with 4 folks on board. VLJs Still In Development At $ 2,000,000 bucks its not cheap, and it sure doesn't carry much.  Given the current economic climate $ 2M aircraft are not exactly on every pilot's wish list. With turboprops making a strong comeback vlj's are entering a tough general aviation market. If you are lucky enough to go to Airventure at Oshkosh this year you will get a glimpse of the mockup of this neat little aircraft. It is clean in design, simple to operate and has really cool lines. The all glass cockpit and simple engine controls make it an easy transition from a turboprop or high performance single, but whether there is any demand is the real question. With Obama planning to attack and tax the "rich" it may be poor timing for Stratos.  I remember years ago when Congress decided to put a luxury tax into place, and the sales of aircraft and boats evaporated. With all this reckless spending, and more on the horizon, money will dry up quicker than a prune - mark my words. Unless Congress starts thinking about what it is doing our economy is going to tank big time, so lets hope they start thinking right and our industry can recover. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Any one who has common-sense and patience may learn to fly. In the aviation schools a good working knowledge of airmanship is ordinarily gained in a total of four hundred minutes spent in the air, divided into a score of lessons. The air would almost seem the natural element of man, such has been the progress in flying during the past few years. — Francis A. Collins, first lines of the book 'The Air Man His Conquest In Peace And War,' 1917.

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