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Stratos 714 Personal Jet

by John M. White |

In the ever heating up race to produce a personal jet for business pilots to move up to, another company based in Bend, OR has announced it will develop a single-engine jet with rather impressive performance numbers.  Billed as a Very Light Personal Jet, or VLPJ, the composite airframe aircraft claims it will carry four people plus baggage 1,500 nautical miles at 400 knots. Stratos714concept0708b

If they can deliver, it will outperform any other single-engine personal jet proposed for the market yet.  It is anticipated the aircraft will be powered by a Williams FADEC-controlled FJ44-3AP turbofan and cruise at 41,000 feet. 

It is designed to solve the problem that the personal jets proposed so far are limited by compromising between range and payload, or having higher operating costs similar to those of a larger and slower VLJ. 

Stratos was founded by the teaming up of the former Lancair chief engineer Carsten Sunden with entreprenuer Michael Lamaire, and located in Bend, OR to take advantage of a local workforce already skilled in the manufacturing techniques necessary for composite structures. Stratos714overheadcabin0708c

The company hopes to start production of the Stratos 714 by the first quarter of 2010, an ambitious goal for sure.  Keep your eyes open and lets see who wins this horse race.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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