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Supermarine Spitfire

by John White |

World War II Spitfire In FlightWorld War II was a time when giant leaps in aircraft design and performance took place with hundreds of new aircraft were built for the war effort. One of the most fascinating aircraft was the English Spitfire which won the Battle of Britain with its outstanding performance and great pilots. As a pilot this is one of the most desirable aircraft any pilot would love to fly!

American Pilots Fly Spitfires In WWII

The US Army trained a number of non-commissioned officers (Sergeants) to fly airplanes and sent them overseas to fly with various air forces around the world. One group was trained to fly reconnaissance over enemy territory to provide images for planning the raids for the B-17 bomber crews, and some of them flew unarmed Spitfire aircraft high over Nazi targets to get those images. What follows is a short video about one of these heroes!

Spitfire 944

Mail Online Honors The Spitfire

In an interesting article published today the Mail Online ran this story:
Sentinels of the sky: British engineers keep iconic WW2 fighters - and the engineering heritage behind them - flying high In 1940 the British nation faced its darkest hour. The military machine of Nazi Germany seemed unstoppable and the Allies had suffered a series of crippling defeats. The mighty German air force - the Luftwaffe - had dominance over the skies of Europe and an invasion of British shores seemed imminent. It was the heroic efforts of the RAF and the iconic planes they piloted that turned the tide in the Battle of Britain. Afterwards, Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously told Parliament: 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.' Now, thanks to a team of dedicated engineers and pilots, British engineering triumphs like Spitfires and Bristol Blenheims will be preserved - and so will the engineering expertise to keep them flying.
The article also includes some spectacular photographs of the Spitfire aircraft being restored, so be sure and visit the article at "Sentinels Of The Sky".

Get Your Own Piece Of Spitfire History!

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