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Fantasy of Flight Aviation Museum by Kermit Weeks

Sometimes life hands us a great hand, and for Kermit Weeks nothing could be truer. Since he was a small child Kermit Weeks had his head in the clouds, fascinated with flying airplanes - in particular, aerobatic airplanes. But not just buying and flying aerobatic airplanes - Kermit Weeks decided to design and build his very own aerobatic airplanes with which to compete in the World Aerobatic Championships. He designed and built to aerobatic airplanes - the "Weeks Special" and the "Weeks Solution". On the right you can see a photograph of the "Weeks Solution" that Kermit Weeks built and flew competing in the World Aerobatic Championships. Over the years he competed Kermit Weeks achieved notoriety as an excellent aerobatic pilot. Not happy with just winning at aerobatics, Kermit Weeks was fascinated with the idea of preserving aviation history for everyone to enjoy. The result? The "Fantasy of Flight" air museum in Polk City, FL. I had the pleasure of visiting this fine aviation museum recently, and found an interesting assortment of aircraft you don't find in most aviation museums. This love of aviation has grown to a collection of more than 140 civilian and military airplanes, many of which are rare British World War I aircraft and a great selection of World War II aircraft including several P51 Mustangs, a Curtis TP40N and a Martin B-26 Marauder. If you happen to take your kids to Orlando to visit Mickey Mouse, you might want to take the short 1/2 hour ride over to Polk City and spend a few hours touring the "Fantasy of Flight" aviation museum. More than just a static display of aircraft, the museum is a WIP (work in progress) with a number of specialists rebuilding historical aircraft to add to the already large private collection. You can learn more about Kermit Weeks at his blog "Kermit's Blog", or navigate over to the "Fantasy of Flight" air museum website. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here! You can learn more at these websites: Aerobatic Aircraft – Kermit Weeks For The Love Of Flying - Certainly Kermit Weeks knows, and his love of flying began at a tender age as can be seen in the photo on the right. As he grew older he let everyone he could know that he wanted to fly airplanes, and [...] Fantasy of Flight Air Demo - It features one of their many planes and this day it was Kermit Weeks' 2nd warbird, a P-51D Mustang. It's a gorgeous plane like all at FoF, perfectly restored. Yeah, I've photographed the Mustang a lot but I can never get enough so we ... Moving Forward Fearlessly - Flight, more than anything on this planet Symbolizes our deepest desire. To push our boundaries and to reach beyond ourselves. Let's use it to inspire humanity … to take the next step on its journey. ~ my flying friend, Kermit Weeks ...

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