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The Air Race Classic

by John M. White |

The "Air Race Classic" represents 79 years of women in flight and traces its beginnings to Amelia Earhart.  In 2008 the race finished in Massachusetts for only the second time in the last 30 years.  In 2008 the race started in Bozeman, MT and covered approximately 2400 statute miles. Airraceclassic

The Air Race Classic is the only all-woman transcontinental air race today.  Air racing for women started in 1929 with the Women's Air Derby when twenty female pilots raced from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, OH and the site of the National Air Races.

After World War II the Powder Puff Derby came into existence, but came to an end in 1977.  The Air Race Classic Ltd. was formed to continue the tradition of a transcontinental race for women pilots and became the premier race for female pilots.  Current routes are staged over 2,400 statute miles which must be flown in four days using visual flight rules (VFR) during daylight hours to reach the finish line. Each aircraft is handicapped for speed and the goal of the race is to attain an actual ground speed as far over the handicap speed as possible.

30 aircraft with two woman crews participated in the 2008 race which was won by the team of Dene Chabot-Fence and Gloria May in a close race.

Way to go gals!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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