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The Corporate Jet Dilemma Solution!

by John M. White |

Well, finally someone has spoken up, and come up with a solution for the attacks on CEOs for the use of corporate jets.  As more and more companies shed their flight departments one aircraft manufacturer has come up with a solution:

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Its not a jet, and perhaps the Congressional staffers would not be putting the bug in their bosses ears about those "pricey" corporate jets!  Ah, just think of it, the revival of the turboprop!  You just have to love it.

This was the idea presented by Hawker Beechcraft in response to Cessna's pro-jet ads after orders for biz jets tanked over the last few months. Cessna's take is that business jets are important for execs to operate at the highest efficiency in these turbulent times.

Let's hope Congress doesn't kill aviation right along with all of the other business being attacked from all sides today.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


An Airman Grace

Lord of thunderhead and sky
Who place in man the will to fly
Who taught his hand speed, skill and grace
To soar beyond man's dwelling place
You shared with him the Eagle's view
The right to soar, as Eagles do
The right to call the clouds his home
And grateful, through your heavens roam
May all assembled here tonight
And all who love the thrill of flight
Recall with twofold gratitude
Your gift of Wings, Your gift of Food.

— Father John MacGillivary, Royal Canadian Air Force

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