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The Greening Of Air Space

by John M. White |  | 2 comments

As with most things that liberals, do gooders and our government does there are unintended consequences for solving one problem while creating another. A perfect example is the proposal to construct a wind farm in Ohio with some 70 wind turbines. Air Space Hazard Now you might not imagine this could be much of a problem until you realize that these wind turbines have blades that are some 328 feet long and are on towers where the lighting is some 100 feet below where the tips of the blades go. Think about this - a helicopter on an emergency flight to save lives wanders through this wind farm at night in the dark and with low visibility. What are the chances it could strike or be struck by one of these behmoths? Well, the CareFlight operation conducted for Miami Valley Health Systems is located at an airport directly impacted by these wind turbines, and a nearby airport - Grimes Field - is also affected. Not only are they a hazard to hit, but they also generate a great deal of turbulence which can affect flight operations as well. Even the Ohio State Highway Patrol is concerned about these wind turbines because they are not only first responders for automobile accidents but aircraft accidents as well. Hmmm... is a wind farm coming anywhere near you soon? Hmmm.... Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 The most frequent last words I have heard on cockpit voice-recorder tapes are, 'Oh Shit,' said with about that much emotion. There's no panic, no scream, it's a sort of resignation: we've done everything we can, I can't think of anything else to do and this is it. — Frank McDermott, partner in McDermott Associates, specialists in cockpit voice recorders

Comments (2)

  • Aaron on June 24, 2019

    I hardly think unintended consequences are limited to “liberals, do-gooders and our government.”

    Clearly marking this area on charts and/or better lighting on the structures would solve this problem. That would allow forward movement on a project that will do good in this world, rather than giving in to fear, as you would apparently prefer.

    And by the way, these are not fans. They will not generate turbulence, they will actually reduce wind velocity be removing energy from the atmosphere.

    Be careful flying over the Republican party headquarters though, the turbulence generated by the rising hot air can be fierce!

  • admin on June 24, 2019

    Thanks for the comments, but I must take issue with your comment about wind turbulence.

    If you have never flown near one of these then you really don’t know how much turbulence is created by these blades. Think about it this way: when you are on final behind a Boeing 747 are there any wingtip vortices at play? Of course. And if you imagine for one moment a 328 foot blade 100 feet in the air turning doesn’t create turbulence think again.

    Marking charts will, of course take place. However, the lighting problem does need to be solved for height – but how do you light these blades when they are horizontal to the surface but sticking out some 160+ feet? Any suggestions?

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