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The Internet Comes To The Airlines

by John M. White |

While the economy remains sluggish, and airlines continue to downsize and reduce costs, the search for more revenue has led some of the airlines to invest in installing wi-fi on their aircraft.  Delta and United have both begun installing wi-fi on their aircraft, and Delta plans on having 300+ aircraft equipped with wi-fi by the end of the year.Click on image to enlarge However, this service will not be free, nor come cheaply.  The investment by the airlines is significant, and it is expected to result in charges to passengers who want to email, blog and surf the net from the comfort of their seats.  I don't know if the $ 13.00 charge for six hours of acess will be considered expensive, but apparently reception so far has been good. I wonder whatever happened to the peace of being incomunicado for a period of time? Is there nowhere we can hide from our Blackberrys and email? Oh well, doesn't matter much to me, I don't use the airlines anyway. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

— Georges Chavez, last words after crashing his Bleriot airplane on his trailblazing flight over the Alps, September 1910. His words became the motto of the Peruvian Air Force.

"Sacrifices must be made."

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