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The Most Scary Words Pilots Will Ever Hear

by John M. White |

Yep, Ronald Regan knew what he was talking about when he said the scariest words you can hear from someone is that "I'm here from the government to help you."  Right!

Well, American Eagle sure learned what that help meant!  This past Monday a TSA inspector used the TAT instrument probes mounted on the aircraft as hand holds to "test the security of the aircraft from tampering."  Of course, in the process the TSA inspector did exactly that - tampered with fourteen aircraft delaying over 40 flights from Chicago's O'Hare airport after this inspector used the instrument probes as a ladder step to inspect the aircraft. Pilotsmall

Why this even happened is beyond comprehension.  Inspecting parked aircraft on the ramp is not included in the TSA's mandate which does not call for the inspection of aircraft for any reason.  This yahoo had no business inspecting aircraft he had no training on, all in the name of security.

Of course this did NOTHING to enhance security and should have known that no one inspects an aircraft unless they have an FAA pilot or aircraft mechanic's license, or under the direct supervision of a licensed individual.  The inspectors supervisor said the inspector was simply following "routine procedure for securing aircraft that were on the tarmac."

And just think, these people will soon be inspecting your company's jet soon.  Brings goose bumps to the back of your neck, doesn't it?  And just wait until one of these fools places his hand on a hot pitot tube right after an aircraft lands and you find yourself and your company sued for injury!  Ah, I can see it now!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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