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The Opposition to LASP Continues to Grow

by John M. White |

A week ago today in Chicago a former general counsel for the Department of Transportation told a TSA panel that its LASP plan was "riddled with many factual gaps" and should be withdrawn.  The former general counsel, Kirk Van Tine, was heavily involved in the creation of the TSA.Click on image to enlarge

With over 300 attendees on hand all 40+ speakers opposed the new plan.  Van Tine stated that "I don't ever recall seeing a major rule that reached the NPRM state with as many factual gaps as this one," and further that if it was reissued as a NPRM that would allow TSA to gather missing information, receive more meaningful comments, and formulate a revised NPRM that's better tailored to the 'real world' operations of private aircraft."

There are two more meetings scheduled, one in Los Angeles and the other in Houston.  One can anticipate that the TSA will continue to find opposition to its proposal.  I would urge everyone with any interest to express them through any and all organizations you belong to so that this idiotic plan can be stopped.

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When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying.

— attributed to Donald Douglas (Mr. DC-n).

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