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The REAL Story On Flight 1549 And The Airbus 320 Aircraft

by John M. White |  | 6 comments

Without taking anything away from Capt. Sullenberger you need to read this email which came through a close friend of mine who is heavily involved in the airline business. As you read this please do not take the negative about the US Air crew the wrong way - what this is about is the difference about the engines between a Boeing and an Airbus is true. Here is the email in its entirety: What follows is an e-mail from a retired US Air Pilot who has flown the Airbus A320 just like the one that ended up in the Hudson. It was written in response to a friend asking if he knew the pilot who did the ditching. It is most illuminating.
Dear Crash, I don';t know him. I've seen him in the crew room and around the system but never met him. He was former PSA and I was former Piedmont and we never had the occasion to fly together. The dumb shit press just won't leave this alone. Most airliner ditchings aren't very successful since they take place on the open ocean with wind, rough seas, swells and rescue boats are hours or days away. This one happened in fresh smooth water, landing with the current and the rescue boats were there picking people up while they were still climbing out of the airplane. It also happened on a cold winter day when all the pleasure boats were parked. Had this happened in July it would be pretty hard not to whack a couple of little boats. Sully did a nice job but so would 95% of the other pilots in the industry.  You would have done a nice job. Don't be surprised if the Airbus fly by wire computers didn't put a perfectly good airplane in the water. In a older generation airplane like the 727 or 737 300/400 the throttles are hooked to the fuel controllers on the engine by a steel throttle cable just like a TBM or a Comanche. On the Airbus nothing in the cockpit is real. Everything is electronic. The throttles, rudder and brake pedals and the side stick are hooked to rheostats who talk to a computer who talks to a electric hydraulic servo valve which in turn hopefully moves something. In a older generation airplane when you hit birds the engines keep screaming or they blow up but they don't both roll back to idle simultaneously like happened to Flt. 1549. All it would take is for bird guts to plug a pressure sensor or knock the pitot probe off or plug it and the computers would roll the engines back to idle thinking they were over boosting because the computers were getting bad data. The Airbus is a real pile of shit. I don't like riding on them. Google Airbus A320 Crash at the Paris Airshow in 1998. Watch the video of an airbus A320 crash into a forest because the computers wouldn't allow a power increase following a low pass. The computers wouldn't allow a power increase because they determined that the airspeed was too low for the increase requested so the computers didn't give them any. Pushing the throttles forward in a Airbus does nothing more than request a power increase from the computer. If the computer doesn't like all the airplane and engine parameters you don't get a power increase. Airbus blamed the dead crew since they couldn't defend themselves. A Boeing would still be flying.
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Comments (6)

  • BM on June 24, 2019

    Right, like that 777 that landed somewhat heavily at Heathrow when the engines rolled back? Boeing are clearly so much better.

  • PlasticPilot on June 24, 2019

    Well, I would not qualify the Airbus as “pile of shit”. It is true that the computers do not allow for anything, but this is clearly described and taught during training, isn’t it ?
    I’m quite sure that some pilots said the same thing about autopilots and earlier about HSI, slaved gyros, and probably planes with a single wing…

  • BM on June 24, 2019

    Oh, yes sorry I forgot about that BOEING 737 that crash landed in Italy after now what was it now I remember it was a Bird strike.

  • Aluwings on June 24, 2019

    Load of crap. The author is badly misinformed, or lying, or works for Boeing’s Dis-information department…?
    I wish people would research the un-truths behind this “letter from a US Air pilot” before duplicating it across the internet.
    check the stats issued by Boeing:

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