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The World's Largest Cargo Airplane and More

by John M. White |

Today the Boeing Dream Lifter arrived at OshKosh bringing the world's largest cargo aircraft to AirVenture 2008.  The aircraft was designed to carry Boeing Dreamliner 787 major assemblies to the plant that builds the Dreamliner.  Boeing_dream_lifter

The AirVenture Cup Race finished on Sunday at OshKosh with the Unlimited division being won by Paul Tackabur in a Lancair IV with an average speed of 348.51mph.   The slowest finisher was Bob Vasey in an RV-3 at 207.10 mph.

A little further West, in Mojave, CA, Burt Rutan and Sir Richard Branson rolled out White Knight Two designed to be the lift vehicle for SpaceShipTwo for carrying paying passengers into space for a 5-minute weightless experience for the minuscule sum of $ 200,000 per.  A model of Space Ship Two is on display throughout the week at the EAA Welcome Center. Vawk2

In another development the first production Cessna 162 SkyCatcher arrived at OshKosh along with the announcement that Shenyang Aircraft Corporation is making swift progress in preparing for production of the newest Cessna single engine aircraft.  Deliveries of the new aircraft should begin in the second quarter of 2009, so you better get your order in soon to be the first on your block to own a SkyCatcher.

If that doesn't float your boat then be sure and stay tuned for Tuesday's first public flight of the Martin Jetpack. On AeroShell Square at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning Martin will demonstrate this ultimate personal flying machine. The Jetpack can be flown as an ultralight aircraft and is expected to have a flight endurance of 30 minutes.  Just think - walk out the front door, strap the JetPack on and fly to the office just like in the movie RocketMan.

In the picture to the right see part of the over 100 Bonanzas that arrived for the world's greatest general aviation show - AirVenture 2008. Bonanzarow

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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