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Tony Blair Shoot Down?

by John M. White |

The former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was traveling on an executive private jet from Sinai, Egypt back to England when two Israeli fighter jets intercepted the aircraft after Israeli ground controllers could not establish contact with and identify the aircraft traversing Israeli air space. After multiple attempts to contact the suspicious aircraft the fighters moved into position behind and above the aircraft. Needless to say Israel is always nervous about terrorism, so they took up this aggressive attack position after which they were able to establish direct contract with the aircraft only to discover it carried delegates from the World Economic Forum in Sharm e-Sheikh back to the UK. A spokesman for Blair who was on the flight said they were unaware that the aircraft had suffered a technical fault which prevented them from hearing Israeli ATC’s requests for identification. Apparently the passengers learned of the incident after landing back in England when they were questioned about the incident by reporters. The flight crew was apparently startled when they saw the interceptors and immediately contacted them to inform them of who was on board. Just think, if it had been you would they have held off and not shot the aircraft down? Humhhh…… Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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