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Trouble In The Skies

by John M. White |

Think you want to be a corporate pilot? No problems, great boss and luxury travel as you drive their Global Express through the skies, around the world and all First Class? Well, sometimes there is trouble in them there First Class accommodations. Seems that Oprah Winfrey's crew for her Global Express private jet have a little family feud going on. Several flight attendants have accused another flight attendant, one Corrine Gerhls age 39 was having in-flight sex with chief pilot Terry Pansing age 57. Oprah's Global Express Private Jet If true that is a stupid way to behave as a chief pilot in a job which is the envy of many, particularly all of those jet jocks let go by General Motors. To make things more interesting fired flight attendant Gerhls has filed a lawsuit claiming her fellow flight attendants made false accusations. One of the other flight attendants, Myron Googch, claims the "Mile High" activity took place after Chief Pilot Pansing complained about his work schedule and demanded to stay in better hotels than the rest of the flight crew. Seems that there is some hanky panky going on somewhere in this mess, and I'll bet Oprah is fed up with all of this childish behavior dragging her into the middle. If you have a good corporate job then the better side of valor is to protect it, not endanger it. I don't know what the facts are, but I am sure the rags will have a ball reporting all of the trash as soon as it comes out. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 When asked by someone how much money flying takes: Why, all of it! — Gordon Baxter

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