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TSA to Monitor Private Aircraft Weighing More Than 12,500 Pounds

by John M. White |

Warning - the TSA is coming to an airport near you soon!  The TSA will soon announce new rules regarding security for private aircraft weighing more than 12,500.  The TSA considers these aircraft to be an alternative to commercial aircraft which are now subject to closer scrutiny of pilots, passengers and planes.

Business aircraft operators have largely escaped the inconvenience associated with commercial airline travel by avoiding the necessity of passenger security checks and the use of thousands of smaller airports around the country.  This convenience has led to an increase in the use of business aircraft by companies to provide safe, reliable and quick movement between plants and customers. Gulfstream550g

However, this all may soon change as the government begins to address the issue of these private aircraft.  It is expected that background checks for crews will be required, and there may be new requirements to park these aircraft in secure areas on airports to avoid easy access by terrorists bent on attacking targets with these aircraft.

The new regulations, expected to be proposed in coming months, stop short of passenger screening, but would aim to prevent someone from flying a small plane, possibly packed with explosives, into a building. Authorities also worry about terrorists transporting hazardous materials or themselves on private aircraft, said Michal Morgan, TSA head of general aviation security.

Business aircraft organizations like the NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association) are cautiously watching these developments with a wary eye.  As Ronald Regan said the most terrifying words you can hear are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." 

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