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UPS Goes Next Generation

by John M. White |

UPS uses electronic flight bags on their 757, 767 and 747-400 model aircraft, and has added SafeRoute software to these packages. SafeRoute uses ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast) to assist flight crews to manage aircraft spacing and next generation continuous descent arrivals.

This ability to land consistently at the same place almost completely eliminates missed approaches, overtaking problems and breakouts that make the landing sequence unstable. It also provides more efficient operations including lower fuel burns, noise abatement and pollutant emissions.

The new SafeRoute equipment basically provides a tube of airspace which acts as an express lane from cruising altitudes to the runway resulting in a reduction in the aircraft's noise footprint of up to 30%, reduction of emissions by 34% and saves 40-70 gallons of fuel per flight.

It has taken UPS and the FAA more than ten (10) years to develop this system.

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