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Use A Private Jet For Your Golf Trips

by John White |

Charter A Jet For GolfingThe TSA, gate changes, tight seating, ramp waits and weather delays have made commercial air travel a nightmare for most passengers. So for your golf trips traveling on the airlines can be a real hassel. So what to do?

Enter Private Jets

Today there are a wide variety of choices in terms of using a private jet for your golf trips. Here is a list of some of the options available today.

Jet Cards

Jet cards allow you to prepay for a fixed number of flight hours. Typically these cards are sold in 25 hour increments, and some entry level programs start as low as $ 100,000 for the card. This is a relatively cost effective way of flying on private jets, especially if you make a lot of short trips or fly less than 50 hours a year. Even one airline - Delta - offers it's Delta Private Jets® Card! Among those offering Jet Cards are Sentient Jet, NetJets, Flexjet and Magellanjets.

Fractional Ownership

AS you can imagine, fractional ownership gives you partial ownership of the aircraft of your choice. Typically fractional ownership companies sell 1/16th shares (which amount to about 50 hours per year) in an aircraft. Most of these contracts are good for 5 years at which point you can sell your share back to the company at market value. The advantage is that you eliminate the headaches of ownership like pilots, hangar storage, maintenance, service, etc. because these are all handled for you.

On-Demand Charter

On demand charter has been around for many years, and many airports will have a charter service with aircraft available when you want to go, generally at a price you can afford. This is a great option for one time or infrequent fliers. The disadvantage is limited choice of aircraft and often times additional fees for things like taxes, fuel surcharges, ramp fees and crew expenses.

Outright Ownership

If you can afford it, like Donald Trump, then you will have your very own aircraft that fits your precise needs. It is always available, won't have rotating crews flying it, and can be outfitted to suit your personal tastes. But it is no doubt the most expensive way to fly. A Super King Air turboprop starts around $ 4,000,000 and everything else goes up from there. Upkeep, maintenance, crews, hangar and service can run into the millions per year, but you fly only with whom you want, when you want and how you want. How about you? How would you choose to travel? Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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