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Want A New BizJet?

by John M. White |

At the present time there is about a four to five year wait for a new business jet. As a result some people are purchasing slots with the express purpose of selling that slot at a profit a year or two later to someone who wants and needs his/her new business jet RIGHT NOW! As a result, the price of used corporate jets has climbed through the roof. For example, a Gulfstream 450 sells for around $ 40 million new; however, a good used Gulfstream 450 can bring upwards of $ 44 million! That's because you can fly it tomorrow without waiting for outfitting and delivery. This has placed a lot of pressure on the used bizjet market, much to the delight of sellers but not so much buyers. But what if the economy does, indeed, take a downturn like some people think it will in the near turn? If so, these speculators may find themselves saddled with an investment that is losing value like a falling rock. A number of years ago, just before 9/11, my partners and I built a three story office building with the expectation it would fill immediately because demand was so high pre 9/11. But after 9/11 the market collapsed, and it still hasn't recovered. Add to that $ 9.00+ a gallon jet fuel and who knows what the future holds. My guess is that investing in future slots is a big gamble and could cost the investor millions of dollars. Not my cup of tea! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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