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What Do eBay, Executive Jets and the GOP have in common?

by John M. White |

Unless you live in a cave, by now you know that John McCain selected Sarah Palen as his vice presidential running mate.  Some of you may not have known that eBay was so powerful that you could sell jet aircraft on eBay.  After all, that is exactly what she did after becoming the governor of Alaska - sold the governor's private jet aircraft on eBay.

But a more interesting fact is that these kinds of eBay events have gone from eBay.  Today, you can't find aircraft for sale on eBay, so it will take a little more imagination if you are thinking of selling your business jet today.  And, in case you haven't been looking, there are a lot of them for sale.

Of more interest to us in aviation, however, is which presidential candidate will be friendlier to general aviation.  Barack Obama doesn't seem to have said anything about aviation (other than his own campaign aircraft), and John McCain is an old fighter pilot who doesn't fly anymore.  Perhaps it is because of all of the accidents he had, or perhaps he lost his touch in North Viet Nam.

In any case, my bet is that John McCain will be better for general aviation because he is for smaller government and lower taxes.  He also supports drilling and using a lot of alternative energy sources like nuclear and clean coal, so more oil could result in a reduction in the cost of AvGas and Jet A, both really good things for our industry.

I fist became a licensed pilot in 1960, so I have seen a lot of changes.  I remember back in the early 70s when oil companies would put in a Jet A fuel farm for your corporate operation, fill the tanks with Jet A at about $ 0.25/gallon, and send you a bill when they refilled the tanks.  And oh the S&H green stamps!  What a deal - when we picked up a couple of thousand gallons of Jet A and got all of those stamps it was cool to fill the garage with really cool stuff like grills.

Sadly those days are gone, never to return.  Youngsters today don't realize that aviation was FUN back in the day, and the companionship was great.  So many changes, so many friends gone.  Great memories and a lot of us still get together to hangar fly and just enjoy a quiet weekend tooling around in a Cub looking for deer. Piper_cub

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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