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What NOT To Carry On An Airplane!

by John M. White |

As an old DC-3 jock I sure hate to see one of these beautiful aircraft destroyed, particularly a Basler modified DC-3 with PT-6s on it. But that is not all this airplane had. 

In addition to the turbine modification it carried a 12.3mm machine gun which could be aimed and operated with infra red images as targets.  This was a drug cartel fighting aircraft operated by the Columbian government.

Unfortunately a Columbian policeman packed his undies with a grenade, thinking nothing would go wrong.  Well, as the old rule states "Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong".  And that is exactly what happened.Click on image to enlarge

While taxiing out for takeoff the grenade exploded, tearing this beautiful aircraft in half and injuring 8 people.  What an idiot!

Best advice - leave your grenades at home.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


Death is just nature's way of telling you to watch your airspeed. — Anon

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