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Where Have The Good Old Days Of Aviation Gone?

by John M. White |

As you probably know, I am a Michigan boy and have flown here in Michigan most of my life.  Over the years the premier aviation jobs have been with companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler.  I recall when Chrysler was purchased by Daimler Benz and they ran an Airbus between Pontiac (PTK) and Germany on a regular basis.  GM and Ford have large flight operations and the flying was good. Click on image to enlarge

I never flew for any of those companies, but I knew a lot who did.  Those were the crème d la crème jobs in aviation in Michigan.  Yesterday Ford announced it will sell all five of it's corporate jets, and GM will sell all of the leases on it's fleet. A GM spokeman said "We don't use them that much anyway."

What a sad day for aviation, and corporate aviation in particular.  This is strictly a PR move to pacify those idiots in Congress that don't understand, let alone care, whether it makes any sense or not.  Corporate aircraft have always been used by those companies as a tool, not a luxury, and should understand that business jets are "time machines".  By that I mean they save precious dollars by making more efficient use of time management by executives tasked with saving these companies.

We have gone from a country with a heritage of innovation and entreprenuerial skill to a bunch of beggers slopping at the trough of the U.S. Government.  Why don't these executives stand up and point out that Congress has shown no better skills at managing the federal budget.  What makes those fools think they know how to run an automobile company any better?

I often tell my beuatiful and lovely wife that the most uncommon think in our society today is common sense, and these kinds of actions prove it.  We as a people have sunk into a world of political correctness that defies common sense!

Someone, anyone stand up and yell STOP!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


Is there no one left –
Of understanding?
Oh I do not simply speak –
Of world events and supposed leaders.

I ask but for one…two –
I ask common people –

Man – Woman,
Son – Daughter –
Father – Mother –

ET’s coming to Earth?
Yes – I think it so.
If for no other reason –
To see the Cosmic Zoo.

Every country speaks –
“Universal Peace” –
Yet none, not one –
Has it within their own country.

Every Race speaks it –
Equality for all –
While being biased –
Against others.

Every “religion” speaks well –
Of all the others –
As long –
As their name comes first.

Every dance is beautiful –
As long as one gets to lead –
And this –

All ideas have merit –
As long as people with letters –
Say yes –
And those without are firmly stupid.

All ideas have merit –
As long as people with letters –
Do not see a one of them –
That goes against the collective thought.

Common Sense?
Lack of it sends our old ones –
With Life’s Wisdom stored –
To a Death Storehouse.

Common Sense?
All races see their Past –
Know Histories Lessons –
Give the intelligent answer –
Let’s repeat it all.

Common Sense?
'Tis a Universal Thing –
Ever existing to be had –
Save by those that insist on being “right”.

Is it any wonder?
That the day’s younger generation –
Is without Hope, as they say –
Endless Tape-Loop is all we have given them.

Every advancement we make –
We take it back.
Every progression we acknowledge –
We deny.

We wish –
We hope –
We pray –
And when we get it…..'tis not enough.

Wisdom is wasted –
Upon the old –
As youth is upon the young –
Common Sense, escapes the both.

You want a President?
This is good and well –
Just don’t think that –
Common Sense will bring the right one.

This is good,
And for awhile it can be had –
Just don’t hope that Common Sense will hold it.

You want the stars?
They as well –
Can be had –
Just don’t believe that NASA will give it.

Common Sense?
Put it on the Endangered Specie list –
Along with Respect –
And Honor.

Over a Billion in China –
How many with Common Sense?
Upon a Billion is India –
How many with Common Sense?

Common Sense –
Well, that actually tells me –
Save for the rare –
These words fall upon deaf ears.

Common Sense –
Tells us all –
WE need Help –
But it also tells that most will not accept it.

Common Sense –
Says that every person –
Upon the face of the world should weep for the lack –
But, only one two do or shall.

Common Sense –
Should tell all –
That a few with all the money –
Something is wrong.

Common Sense –
Should not have the man/woman –
Sitting in front of TV –
Yeah or No – but instead, doing something about it.

Common Sense –
Should speak that the money –
To combat a natural weed –
Is wrong – when all others made – kill.

Common Sense –
Killers out to kill again and do –
And wee breakers of law –
Spend lifetimes?

You all can take –
All the people’s legends –
Prophecies and words –
But Common Sense wins out.

A Day is Coming –
One way or another –
All will have to answer –
And Common Sense, will be the judge.

Snow Owl-October 13, 2004

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