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WhiteKnightTwo Rollout

by John M. White |

On July 28th, 2008 Sir Richard Branson and Bur Rutan opened the hangar doors to reveal the WhiteKnightTwo aircraft that will carry SpaceShipTwo to its launch altitude where hundreds of new private astronauts will have a sub-orbital experience. Wkii

The WhiteKnightTwo has been dubbed "EVE" in honor of Branson's mother. This new aircraft is stunning in it appearance and represents the world's largest all carbon composite aircraft with a 140 foot wingspan.  The aircraft has a unique heavy lift high altitude capability and can be used for pre-sub orbital flight positive and zero gravity astronaut training.

With a service ceiling of over 50,000 feet and coast to coast range WK2 can ferry SpaceShipTwo on long duration flights.  Powered with four Pratt & Whitney PW308A engines which are among the most powerful and fuel efficient engines available today the aircraft is the epitome of 21st century aircraft design.

SpaceShipTwo is well on its way to completion, but was partially hidden from VIPs (including about 100 of the first passengers) during the rollout.

Best to get your reservations in and send your $ 20,000 deposit for the $ 200,000 ticket quickly to get your seat for an exciting sub-orbital experience and the ride of your life.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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