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Will Keeping Shoes On Speed Aircraft Boarding?

by John M. White |

For those of us who travel on the airlines one of the major hassles has been removed with the advent of computer carrying cases that don’t require you to remove the laptop from the carrying case. Soon, another hassle may be removed as well. 787small

In recent years a number of solutions have been sought to eliminate the injuries and deaths caused by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) to our troops. The major problem has been in detecting the explosive at a safe enough distance to avoid injury. Well, a solution to that problem may be close at hand, and it could lead to quicker boarding times for the airlines.

A technology called Raman Spectroscopy uses a laser to bounce off of individual molecules which then will reveal their chemical composition has potential for detecting explosives according to the Swedish threat specialist Portendo. This method holds the promise of eliminating current trace detection processes such as are used at airports today. The ability to detect explosives in close proximity to people in packages and vehicles has been one of the most challenging problems confronting security forces today.

The Swedish system, called P.Eye, claims to be able to scan vehicles that are entering an airport making it suitable for improving security at airports. The system uses a laser to energize molecules in or around an object creating Raman scattering which can then be collected by telescope and analyzed against a database of dangerous substances.

Combine this with the full body scan technology and perhaps someday airline travel will return to its pre-9/11 form, and us travelers can keep our socks clean and our shoes on.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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