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Would You Buy An AeroMobil Flying Car?

by John White |

The AeroMobil Flying CarAeroMobil hopes to get it's new AeroMobil flying car off the ground by 2017 and into the public's hands to enjoy. The first model will have a two seat configuration and will require a pilot's license to fly, but later models will be fully autonomous and self flying. I live in Michigan and self-driving cars have been under development by Google and it is hoped they will be available to the public in the next fiver years. The University of Michigan has even built a 32 acre mini-city to test self-driving cars and connected vehicles that communicate with the infrastructure and other cars. M City, as it is called, will include all kinds of roads, intersections, traffic signs, parked cars, pedestrians and all kinds of barriers and hazards for the self-driving cars will need to navigate. Google Self Driving Car Of course flying cars are not a new idea, the idea of flying cars have been around since the early 20th century. In 1917 Glenn Curtiss envisioned the Curtiss Autoplane which never really got off the ground. With the ever increasing traffic on our roads and highways the idea of using your AeroMobil flying car to soar above the masses to your destination has more apeal than ever today.

The Last 100 Years

Over the last 100 years there have been more than 70 attempts to develop and market a successful flying car; however, the challenges are immense. While several designs actually flew, none of them ever reached the production stage and became readilly avaialbe to the public at large. Most have been unsuccessful but perhaps the best was Molt Taylor's Aerocar design. In 1949 6 models of the Aerocar were built and actually received certification for flight by the CAA (now the FAA). Investors needed 500 advanced orders before production would begin, a goal that was never reached. One of these Aerocars are still flying today!

Enter AereoMobil

A company out of Slovakia has come up with a sleek new design called the AeroMobil 3.0. This slick two seat flying car has a very modernistic look to it and the performance numbers are certainly interesting. As a car it can go more than 99 mph and has a range of 545 miles; as an airplane it can fly at 124 mph with a range of 435 miles. It can land and takeoff in 700 feet from a grass or paved strip, and can fit into a regular parking spot on the street. Regular flight testing has been ongoing since October of 2014, and it is hoped to be certified and in production by 2017. Are you ready to buy an AeroMobil flying car for yourself?

Video Of The AeroMobil In Action!

Would You Buy An AeroMobil Flying Car?

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