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Would You Like To Learn Aerobatics?

by John White |

Learn AerobaticsWho among us pilots has not wanted to learn aerobatics? I'll wage that everyone of us has wanted to learn aerobatics, and to the extent possible when we first learned to fly tried some mild aerobatics like chandelles in the aircraft.

The HD Pilot

The author of The HD Pilot owns a Vans RV-7A aircraft and is interested in learning aerobatics. On September 23rd, 2015 he published this short article followed by an interesting video which you will see below. Here is what he said:
As part of my plan to learn aerobatics and reach my goal of being able to do them on my own, I felt it was now time to ween myself from my two current acro instructors, Rich and Adam. They’ve done a great job in giving me the fundamentals! I set the bar of my next achievement on continuing to practice aerobatic maneuvers I’ve learned, but now with an instructor who’s not an instructor trained in teaching acro. My friend Hank fit the bill perfectly. He’s a great stick n rudder instructor but has never flown aerobatics himself. My thinking is that while he’s not going to teach me, he’ll be my backup, having a good chance at fixing something if I get myself in trouble. Once I have confidence built at practicing with non-acro instructors, my next milestone will be practicing maneuvers with non-instructor pilot friends whom I respect in their stick n rudder abilities. Unfortunately, in my excitement to fly with Hank this particular morning, I forgot to plug the audio cable into the GoPro. As soon as I sat down later to watch the footage from the flight, I realized what I’d done. The only audio that got captured was nothing but engine noise - Argh! But not wanting to throw out the video altogether, I decided that I’d just put the fun parts to music. Hope you enjoy!

Here Is The Video

Getting Started In Aerobatics

A little research and I found this great site at The International Aerobatics Club which provides a lot of information on how to get involved in aerobatics and which I found very interesting to read. I highly recommend you take some time and read through this information if you are at all interested to learn aerobatics. How about you? Are you interested in aerobatics? Leave some comments below and share your thoughts and dreams with us. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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