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Wrong Way Shores

by John M. White |

Most of us that get into aviation are loathe to leave it, and sometimes we will take the crappiest jobs in the world just to stay in aviation. This reminds me of a story: "A fella comes into an airport tavern, grabs a chair at an empty table and orders dinner. The only problem is that he is emitting a strong odor, and pretty soon one of the other patrons can't take it any longer and goes over to this stranger. He asks him if he knows he stinks, to which the fella answers 'Of course I know.' The patron then asks this fella why he smells so bad, to which the fella answers 'Its because of my job.' Asked what his job is the fella replies 'I work for the airlines. My job is to empty the toilets from the aircraft before they depart again.' My Gosh, the patron exclaims. Why don't you quit that job and get something better? To which the fella replies .. 'And give up aviation?'" Some people can't live without aviation, but sometimes you have to. A young man by the name of Michael Shores was on a great career path and had obtained his aircraft mechanic's license, and then later began to acquire his pilot's license and ratings. Micahel Shores, Teacher By 2005 he was flying biz jets for North Star Aviation. But then the inevitable happened - his wife had their first child. Those of us who have flown for a living know the crazy hours and schedules you have to maintain, and if your family is important they pay a price. Shores decided the price was too much, and decided to pursue his second love - as a teacher. Now he is home like a normal husband, and is enjoying his family. But .... always with head turned skyward as an airplane passes over. Many years ago I made the same choice and gave up flying for a living. I was lucky, though, the company I flew for was in the insurance business and I was able to start my own aviation insurance business and enjoy a 30 year career in that field. Today I still fly as often as I can, but no longer yearn for the long hours and crazy schedule of corporate aviation. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 The most dangerous thing about flying is the risk of starving to death. — Dick Depew

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