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Your Journey Through Flight

by John White |

Promoting Flight Training At www.yourjourneythroughflight.comWe are pleased to bring you this guest post by David Venish who wants to promote learning to fly at his new website at "Your Journey Through Flight". All of us who fly realize that the number of people learning to fly has dropped dramatically over the last decade, and that while flying airplanes remains an exciting and rewarding hobby and vocation the public seems to have lost interest in learning to fly.

David Venish Of Your Journey Through Flight

Learning to fly a light aircraft, sailplane / glider, helicopter or trike is a fun pastime which is enormously rewarding and engaging. Flight training is an investment in a truly exceptional life experience, one that will evolve into a journey through flight as you explore the joy of aviation. Become a flight student today and enjoy a lifetime of amazing memories as you discover new places and meet interesting people. Learning to fly an airplane will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an intellectually challenging pastime with family and friends, while experiencing the indescribable sensation of flying through the wondrous sky above everyone else.

Lifetime Experiences

Spending time and money on unique, fulfilling life experiences leads to greater and more enduring happiness than using that money to buy ephemeral, transitory material possessions, research continuously confirms. And when it comes to life-changing experiences, learning to maneuver an aircraft through a three-dimensional space and land with an imperceptible touchdown is right up there with the most unforgettable things you can do in your life. Visit a flight school today, help save an airfield from housing development and inspire someone to invest in a truly exceptional life experience by encouraging them to develop an interest in aviation and learning to fly flight training.

Learn To Fly Video

In this video we explain many of the reasons why you should want to learn to fly: [flowplayer src='' width=560 height=311]

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Share the inspiring message on Facebook at Your Journey Through Flight and leave a comment. Please don’t forget to click on the google +1 button on the pages you visit to raise awareness of the joy of learning to fly and encourage more people to take up flight training. Once you've registered a click you can mouse over the button and share the link via email or google circles. Our home page is available in Español, Deutsch, Français and Português. A Spanish translation of the video can be found here. Browse through the selection of Pioneers of Flight Aviation books we have listed for your reading pleasure under the Resources > Aviation Books tab in the navigation bar. Here is a sample of the airmanship list. You can view a selection of Cold War Military Aviation books here.

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When you visit our website, Facebook or Google+ pages be sure and leave a comment about your experiences in learning to fly, your interest in learning to fly or your experiences as a pilot. In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Your Journey Through Flight" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!       Follow Me on Pinterest    Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

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