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Introduction To Weather Briefings

by John M. White |

Introduction To Weather Briefings

 As a pilot one of the things we need to be most concerned about is the weather along our intended route for every flight we undertake. The more we know the safer we will be.

While many of us fear the words "I am with the FAA, and I am here to help you", the FAA does provide many excellent services that we should participate in.

One of those service are the periodic webinars put on by the FAA Safety Team who work to make safer skies through education.

On Monday, January 20, 2020 one such webinar will be presented worth your attention.

Intro to Weather Briefings - Weather Briefing 1

It is well known that weather is one of the most lethal of all major causes of aviation accidents.

During this 90 minute webinar you will learn how to meet the FAA briefing requirements while also developing skills that will allow you to make better decisions regarding your flights.


  • Learn the 6 elements you must check in any brief
  • Learn how to reduce the mountain of needless data avaialble
  • Learn how to use the new graphical forecast for aviation
  • Learn when sever weather does not qualify as an adverse condition

In addition, you will be walked through a standard weather brief followed by a Q&A segment.

Register Today!

You can register for this webinar here at FAASTeam.

 WINGS/AMT Program Credits:

Advanced Knowledge 1 - 1 Credit
Basic Knowledge 3 - 1/2 Credit

Remember, always keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

 Introduction to Weather Briefings

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