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Preflight Briefing

by John M. White |

Pilot Preflight BriefingHow important is a preflight briefing to the outcome of your flight? Attend this Free Webinar and find out.

Get A Better Preflight Briefing

Not all preflight briefings are equal, so are you really sure the one you get is the one you deserve? In this 90 minute webinar you will significantly improve the quality of your briefings and your understanding of the information provided to you. You'll also learn what the briefer needs to know in order to provide you exactly what you want and need. Lastly, you will learn the differences in various forecasts and what to look for to begin to identify hazardous weather conditions.

Free FAA Webinar

A new FAA webinar titled "Get a Better Preflight Briefing" will be presented on Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 14:30 EST (17:30 PST). This webinar will be presented by Delia Colvin of the FASTeam in Van Nuys, CA, a 15 year veteran of Air Traffic Control and Flight Service and the author of the Aviation Weather Made Easy series. She was Flight Watch qualified and has investigated the cause of many aircraft incidents/accidents in a professional capacity with Quality Assurance, as well as conducting countless Operation Take-offs for pilots around the country. The webinar will focus on the three (or four) types of briefings and their purpose:
  • Quickly accessing the correct briefer from the correct area.;
  • What information to give your briefer and how to shorten your briefing;
  • How to enlist your briefer to give you ONLY what you need;
  • Great new tools to enhance your safety!

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