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Sunglass Lenses

by John M. White |

Sunglass Lenses TintsAs you shop for aviator sunglasses you are sure to notice the different sunglass lenses colors, but have you ever considered the fact that the color the sunglass lenses might be important depending upon what you need the sunglasses for? Lens color is a key factor to the sunglass-wearing experience; the amount and types of details the pilot needs to see in various lighting conditions will determine the precise sunglass lens color he needs. “Color perception varies from person to person,” says Oakley’s Andy McSorley. “It is solely opinion-based.” Nonetheless, he adds, specific colored lenses do perform better in certain conditions.

Neutral Gray Lens Color

Gray sunglass lenses provide absolute true color reception which means when looking through them everything would have the same color as if you weren't looking through any lenses at all. Grey lenses block the sun’s brightest rays without altering one’s color perception, giving the wearer a darker version of what he or she would see with the naked eye, or the most natural view. Neutral gray sunglass lenses have been time tested by U.S. military pilots and NASA astronauts and found that all colors come through naturally without any color distortion and resulting in hours of eye comfort. These are the gold standard for pilot sunglasses. These neutral gray sunglasses lenses are excellent for driving your car, flying your airplane or for general everyday use.

Tan Lens Color

We always recommend that pilots carry two pair of sunglasses with them at all times, one pair with the neutral gray sunglass lenses and one pair with tan sunglass lenses. Tan lenses work exceptionally well for eye protection and contrast on overcast days or days with show showers. The tan tint will cut off the transmittance of scattered blue light thus having the effect of increasing contrast and visual acuity. Tan lenses are excellent in low light conditions, haze, fog and snow showers Tan sunglass lenses are a good choice for pilots, skiers and drivers who encounter fog, haze and snow showers.

Slight Green Tint

Sunglasses lenses with a slight green tint are known as AGX lenses. These AGX sunglass lenses selectively filter the color spectrum to make the color transmittance curve of the lens closely resemble the curvature of the eye. The eye's focusing system is largely keyed to the green wavelengths of the light spectrum; therefore by adding a slight green tint to the lens your vision stays sharp longer, eye fatigue is eliminated and contrast is improved.

Sunglass Lenses Tints

Tints do have a scientific attribute, but each of us is different. We have different eye colors, different light sensitivity levels, and we do indeed see things differently. Lens tint is a personal choice based on light conditions and the type of information the user wants. More contrast isn’t always best; it’s a personal choice. In other words there is no right sunglass lens tint for everyone.

Popular Sunglass Lens Color Video

Pilot Sunglasses

You can find a great selection of lens colors with on our Pilot Sunglasses page! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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