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Zero Zero Takeoffs - Are They Safe and Sane?

by John M. White |

Zero Zero Takeoffs - Are they dangerous?

Zero Zero Takeoffs

Recently I ran across an interesting video post about zero zero takeoffs that intrigued me. It was titled ZERO / ZERO Takeoff - DON'T TRY THIS! That got my attention. As a former corporate pilot I was asked to perform zero zero takeoffs on a couple of occasions. I respectfully decided that given the mission and my experience at that time that zero zero takeoffs were off the table for me. But that does not mean they are unsafe or insane. It depends entirely on experience, equipment and training. Rob Mark  @jetwhine posted it on Twitter and, being curious, I naturally followed the link to the video. Meet Jason Miller of the finer points of flying blog.

Is It Safe?

Of course it is if you have the right attitude, experience, equipment and a good aircraft. But does that mean you should do it at all? As pilots we face many decisions each and every flight one of which can lead to the destruction of a fine aircraft or perhaps the loss of one's life. But it always pays to learn and to be prepared, because you never know when you will need the information and make this kind of takeoff.

Instrument Training

During instrument training it is important to cover all aspects of instrument flying including experiencing some things we may never use. But if we don't experience some of them with an instructor we might be tempted to take a chance and try something like a zero zero takeoff that we have no experience with and that could put us in a very difficult situation. The golden rule in flying is if you even think you shouldn't do this DON'T! After all, we want to live to fly another (and many more) day! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! p.s. Please share "Zero Zero Takeoffs - Are They Safe and Sane?" with your friends. Thanks!

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