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Aircraft Accidents

by John M. White |  | 2 comments

Remains Of Collgan Air Crash At Buffalo, NYAircraft accidents are more common than we would like to think despite the recent history of air carrier safety records. While commercial airline flight activity accounts for a large percentage of flight hours worldwide, general aviation flight hours remain a significant portion of total worldwide aircraft flight hours. General aviation aircraft perform a myriad of jobs around the world ranging from student pilot instruction to cargo transportation and emergency evacuation helicopter flights. Add to that military flight hours and it is easy to see the skies are certainly busy, and getting busier.

A Video Of Aircraft Accidents

The following video runs a little over 9 minutes and details some of the more interesting (and visually stunning) aircraft accidents over the years: Many of the images are of poor quality but you can certainly see a number of rather spectacular aircraft accidents on this video.

The Moral Of The Story?

It is far easier to lose control of an aircraft when not paying attention and showing off! In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Aircraft Accidents" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!       Follow Me on Pinterest    Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

Comments (2)

  • Dave Brough on June 24, 2019

    All the more reason to eliminate the weak link in the aviation chain: the human. We have the technology, why can’t we use it – starting with cameras in cockpits. Including GA.

  • JetAviator7 on June 24, 2019


    You are right. I was listening to NPR the yesterday and they were having a conversation about driverless cares and airplanes. The point they made was that the technology is here and capable; the problem is that we humans are afraid of surrendering control to a computer.


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