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Aircraft Mechanic Careers

by John White |  | 1 comment

Aircraft Mechanic Career

In an ealier post I mentioned that my son Chad is an aircraft mechanic.

Ever since Chad was a little boy he liked figuring out how to fix things.

I remember once when we had a couple of snowmobiles we rode on our property and we couldn't get one to start. 

It took Chad many hours to get it going, but get it going he did!

Chad never quits - ever!

Aircraft Mechanic Training

Chad attended Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI which had an aviation maintenance technician training program.

While attending LCC for his A&P License Chad worked at Superior Aviation in Lansing as a "ramp rat". 

A ramp rat does everything on the line: refueling airplanes, moving airplanes, deicing airplanes, cleaning airplanes and more.

I recall one winter when I happened to stop one night by the airport and Chad was on the ramp where it was bitterly cold and snowing.

That didn't slow Chad down - he just kept going.

After LCC

Once he completed his training he went into the US Air Force for 4 years and worked as a mechanic on giant C-5 aircraft in California.

Once he completed his service in the Air Force he went to work as a "roadie".

A roadie is a mechnic that travels with the aircraft to provide assistance should anything break down on the road.

For many years he travelled all over the world in Douglas DC-8s, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft.

He got to see the world as few ever do.


Today he works at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport for a company that has contracts to provide aircraft maintenance services for transient aircraft.

He has not missed a days work throughout his career, and today his base pay is over $ 32/hour. 

The challenge of ever changing issues on various aircraft make his work not only interesting but with new challenges each day.

I asked him a few days ago if he ever thought of giving it up to do something else and he answered "and miss the challenges and neat people I get to meet - no way!"

Explore AMT Training Today

To get started the best way is to get the AMT Handbook Set by ASA which gives you all the information you need to become an A&P mechanic and start working on aircraft.

In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

Become an A& P Mechanic and see the world

Aviation Maintenance Technicians are the backbone of aviation

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