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by John M. White |

BahrainIt seems aviation runs in families, and our family is no different. One of our sons is an aircraft mechanic for ATI (Air Transport International) and he spends a fair about of time in Bahrain. He spends about 20 days a month there working on Boeing 767 aircraft that fly to various destinations in that part of the world. In Bahrain you can take a stroll back in time to ancient settlements, temples and astounding burial mounds. Move on to 16th century forts and 19th century courtyard houses and arrive in the 22nd century via contemporary art. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of low lying islands located in the Arabian Gulf off the Eastern shore of Saudi Arabia. The Government of Bahrain explains the country like this:
Frequently called the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain has a history of civilizations that date back more than 5,000 years. Bahrain is the ancient site of the immortal land of Dilmun, and was the religious centre to Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians, as proven by many archaeological excavations. Many legends surround the land – the multitude of ancient burial grounds here gave rise to the title “Isle of Eternity,” before modern archaeology explained them as a legacy of Dilmun times; centuries upon centuries of human habitation packed into one compact site. Writings of the ancient Sumerians refer to Dilmun as a pure and sacred place where sickness and death do not exist, a paradise land of sweet waters. The area does in fact have fresh water artesian and under seabed springs, rich in minerals and especially fluoride – known locally as sweet-water. These have sustained life here since the Ubaid civilization of Neolithic times 6000 years ago. The sweet-water springs may be the basis for the legend of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian epic of a quest for immortality from the flower of life (pearl) which leads to Dilmun, the “land of two seas”. From the mists of time to a vibrant present Bahrain thrives under a stable and prosperous government. Today, the modern Arabic name “Bah-rain” still retains this meaning – “two waters”, it’s landscape is a tapestry of marvelous old sites and colorful traditional markets dotted between modern skyscrapers and buildings. While relatively small in population, land area and resources, Bahrain has achieved a high level of social and economic development over a short period of time.

Aircraft He Works On

ATI_B767Working out in the hot, humid air our son is responsible for pre and post flight activities, as well as traveling on the aircraft as it makes its journeys around the world. Our son loves what he does but misses his wife during those trips to Bahrain, beautiful as it is.

Experience Bahrain For Yourself

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