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Bravo! Starbucks Stands Tall!

by John M. White |

As the CEOs for the automakers grovel at the Congressional trough and take the criticism of individuals who have access to government jets Starbucks takes delivery of a Grumman G550 and defends the purchase. The criticism took place because Starbucks is closing some 600 outlets; however, it still has over 19,000 outlets in some 49 countries.  Thank heavens ours is still open!

This aircraft was ordered some three years ago and just came on line.  A second critical article appeared regarding a trip by the Chairman Howard Schultz to Hawaii where he dined with Lance Armstrong who then wrote about the dinner in his personal blog.  A spokesperson for Starbucks said Schultz has reimbursed Starbucks for his personal use of corporate jets.Click on image to enlarge

The spokesperson also defended the use of the companies 3 corporate jets saying that in some cases it makes more sense to use a corporate jet rather than commercial airlines.  While Starbucks employees use commercial air travel most of the time, there are times and places where the use of the corporate jet fleet simply makes more economical sense.

Those of us in aviation understand that the value of corporate fleets may be difficult to assess but growing companies have been able to use corporate jets as a means to get more production out of fewer employees through the use of more time efficient travel.

Bravo to Starbucks!  Finally, someone with a backbone!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


High-performance jet fighter, fully armed with missiles, guns. ECM equipment, fresh paint (stars and bars painted over), single seat, 97% reliability rate, will outclimb, outturn F-16, outrun F-14, low fuel burn (relatively), all digital avionics, radar, terrain following, INS, GPS, Tacan, used only for testing and sales promotion. Now in storage.
Contact Northrop Corp. Will trade for Mig-25 and home address of Air Force Acquisition officer.

— ad found in 'Pacific Flyer' magazine, shortly after the F-20 program was cancelled.

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