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A New Cessna Military Aircraft - "Scorpion"

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

Cessna Military Aircraft - The ScorpionThe Cessna Aircraft Company continues to develop new aircraft, this time a new aircraft for the military called the Scorpion. Cessna Aircraft CEO Scott Ernest announced on September 16th that for the last 18 months Cessna engineers have been developing a new Cessna military aircraft called "Scorpion" which is aimed at providing the military an affordable workhouse for activities like surveillance and interception.

Cessna CEO Scott Ernest Rotary Club Remarks

Scott Ernest made the following comments (edited) at the Wichita Rotary Club on September 16th, 2013:
“This is really an opportunity for us to diversify our product line,” Ernest said at Monday’s Rotary Club of Wichita luncheon, where he was the guest speaker. “We basically paid for this on our own nickel through Textron, and it’s our way of trying to put a very affordable product out there for the military to use.” He said the plane, which has a large payload that could house sensors, for example, could operate for less than $3,000 per hour versus the $25,000 per hour it can cost an F-35 to operate. “It can appeal to the National Guard,” for example, Ernest said.

Cessna Military Aircraft "Scorpion"

The New Cessna Military Aircraft The "Scorpion"

Remarks By Textron Spokesman David Sylvestre

A spokesman for Textron, parent company of Cessna Aircraft, made these remarks regarding this new Cessna military aircraft:
The plane is the product of a joint venture known as Textron AirLand LLC, which was formed in 2011 between Textron and AirLand Enterprises LLC, many of whose members are ex-military. AirLand officials had input into the prototype, which the companies see as a cheaper-to-operate workhorse airplane for a budget-constrained military, Sylvestre says. He says the plane’s concept has been presented to the military in informational briefings. ... Response to the plane was “very strong” at today’s Air Force Association Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition in National Harbor, Md., where the plane was introduced for the first time publicly, Sylvestre says. The Air Force is a big potential customer, he says.

What Do You Think - Will Cessna's Gamble Pay Off?

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Comments (1)

  • Charlie on June 24, 2019

    Looks like a crossbreed between a 152 and an A-Wing from Star Wars. If it really is that cheap to operate I see more military potential stateside than anywhere else.

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